Back on the rockin’ road!

Once again Danny Antonelli dazzles with simple tunes you can dance to in any good drinking bar anywhere on the planet. A no-disco, no-techno bar of course! A rock music bar where, if you aren’t too drunk, too stoned or too lost in the void of a tired mind, you will laugh and smile at lyrics that are satirical, political and historically relevant.

If irony and satire are not lost on you, then you will be able to enjoy the razor-sharp cuts taken at modern society and its social media slaves, for example under the battering ram beat of Bamboozle Me.

Donkey Honk is the most purely political song on the album. No punches are pulled in this one. It’s not a partisan song at all. In fact, it tars all of the worst political actors in our modern world with the same brush.

I suspect that 27 Bucks & A Zippo is autobiographical. Danny’s descriptions of a man searching for stability and fulfillment fit the information about him that I have been able to glean about his life as a writer from various conversations I’ve had with him.

Goodbye Allende. Hello Pinochet is of course a political song, but it has Tricky Dickie Nixon as narrator of the story of how he and Henry Kissinger and Richard Helms of the CIA put together the coup in Chile on 9/11 1973.

Women’s stories also have a place on the album. She’s A Refugee tells the story of a woman who has to run for her life from a man who is hell-bent on destroying it. And the very humorous She Reminds Me of You describes a man’s new woman after the previous one abandoned him.

The album cover is dark. The crow hidden among the shadows is ominous. That’s because there are some dark topics approached on the album. Mortality is principal among them. Crow, Crow Fly Away talks about people who have disappeared from life, sometimes without us knowing where to and when.

You Won’t Be Here meditates on the absurdity of believing that the material world you are part of will last forever.

A brutal katana swipe at people who have obviously usurped his ideas in music, This Song Is For Me slices through those rotten people who exploit others for their own profit.

There are more of course, 13 songs in all. Listen with attention to the words, even though you will want to get up and groove to the rock.

Going on a road trip? This is the perfect album to get you down the highway, especially if you are a lonesome rider.

Danny Antonelli just can’t seem to get that heavy guitar rock music out of his veins. The Universe of Me follows in the groove of his first deep rock album from a few years back, I’d Rather Be Lucky. However this time the rock beats are more basic and the mood is darker.

13 tracks, streaming

Time: 57:55

Label: ATMAN LC 01692

UPC/EAN Code: 198003212305

Review: Karen Lloyd